Halsey — Be Kind Choreography Concept

This series is an inspiration from my professor Grant, who encourages his students to park at least 30 minutes a week for ourselves to have a self-to-self talk. Having to live in such a busy and fast-pacing era, I usually feel overwhelmed by all the tasks I face everyday, sign at how fast time passes yet not really know what I have done. I find it a pity that if we just let the memorable events go unnoticed and be carried away by time, therefore I decided to make #What’sUpFelicia a commitment to myself, which I will spend at least 2 hours a week to pause and reflect on the week and share some of the fun and meaningful events that happened throughout the week.

And here goes the first 😉

🎥 薩泰爾娛樂業務總監- Hawkins’ sharing 🎥

3 Takeaways:

1️⃣ 凡是起頭真的難:對於未來想要創業的我來說,最困難的除了對產品的構想,應該還是跨出第一步的勇氣。內心有很多疑慮、考量還有困惑,不知不覺就給自己設下許多限制,所以一直沒有實際的動作。但是唯有願意邁出開始的第一步,才會有第二步、第三步。一開始總是艱辛的,期許自己能勇敢的追夢,往前邁進。

2️⃣ 皮肉骨水:影片企劃的四大要素。

3️⃣ 不要急:現在常常在想自己未來職涯的事,想做的事情實在太多,但真的不知道哪件事是最想要的。Hawkins 說希望我們可以不要這麼急著要馬上找到答案,很多時候我們連嘗試都還沒有,當然不會知道這是不是自己想做的。人生的道路是一直變化的,現在得到的答案,可能過個幾年或者在不同的時空情境之下又會有所變動。所以真的還是,先做再說吧!

🌎 Mentor chat 🌎

In my second concall with Michael, we focused on the non-business scope of startup, discussing the important role of significant other, family and self-discipline. Furthermore, to help figure out my future plan, Michael suggests using Greedy Algorithm and Going Extreme to try out all the things I want to do and converge to a single point, helping identify my real interests.

Our conversation finished off concluding passion and discipline to be critical factors of launching a successful startup. As Michael stated:

“You can’t be a leader without passion, because you don’t have a dream. And you can’t be a leader without discipline, because you won’t execute.”

This idea I firmly believe and will always keep in mind. I also feel ever more motivated to discover my real passion and pursue the type of leader I aspire to be.

🍽️ Ashe one-on-one 🍽️

It’s been a while since my last one-on-one chat with Ashe in August, and again was super inspired by all his advice and perspective on work philosophy.

1️⃣ Stop. Think. Ask. The methodology to practice compliance individually.

2️⃣ Trade-off

“It’s good to have an ambitious goal, but we all have limited time and energy, it’s impossible to want to do everything. Failing to recognize this reality may lead to underperformance in each task you do.”

3️⃣ Interdependence

Always remember the success of an event comes from the efforts the entire team has contributed, it’s important to recognize the interdependence we share in common, therefore we can remain humble and continue to strive for excellence.

💃 Be Kind Shooting 💃

Was supposed to film this choreography in the beginning of October, but kept on postponing and finally got it done yesterday 🎉

拖了一個月的編舞拍攝昨天終於完成了,好開心 🥳 連結在下方,希望大家會喜歡 ❤️

Check out the video here 👉 https://youtu.be/BcW-1gGNZGk

🍂 十月回顧 🍂

這個月我會以 「忙中尋序」來總結。最一開始被工作、學校專案、課業、實習計畫、志工活動 (and more …) 轟炸的情況,其實真的有些事情 handle 不來,對自己的 team 感到很愧疚,覺得十分挫折。但在這種高壓的情況下,我學到最可貴的事情是:再艱困的問題都有辦法被解決。現在的我,遇到問題不會再像以前先焦慮個 2–3 天,而是 take actions to solve the problems. 當事情一件一件被完成,自然就不會焦慮了。磨合了一個月之後,也逐漸找到新的生活平衡,每項 responsibility 的時間分配,在忙碌當中找到了自己的秩序。十一月,我希望自己能保持熱忱跟謙遜的心學習和探索未來方向。不要著急,不要什麼都想要,踏實的度過每一個當下 ☺️




ClassOf2020_NTUECON|ClassOf2018_AISB|Dancer|Foodie|Instagram: felicia0324|Facebook:劉映辰(Vivi Liu)

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Felicia Liu

Felicia Liu

ClassOf2020_NTUECON|ClassOf2018_AISB|Dancer|Foodie|Instagram: felicia0324|Facebook:劉映辰(Vivi Liu)

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